Ornate Garden

New extension of Basilica Palladiana,Vicenza VI, Italy


New extension of Basilica Palladiana,Vicenza VI, Italy

ORNAMENT (google) /noun/ : a thing used or serving to make something look more attractive but usually having no practical purpose, especially a small object such as a figurine.

ORNAMENT (refined definition) / noun / : a functional decoration that embedded cultural value in which represent the spirit of a certain time.

Location :

Vicenza VI, Italy

Year :


Tutors :

Peter Koorstra

Anna Janssen

Status :

Master Elective Class

University :

Delft University of Technology

“I will not subscribe to the argument that ornament increases the pleasure of the life of a cultivated person, or the argument which covers itself with the words: “But if the ornament is beautiful! …” To me, and to all the cultivated people, ornament does not increase the pleasures of life. If I want to eat a piece of gingerbread I will choose one that is completely plain and not a piece which represents a baby in arms of a horserider, a piece which is covered over and over with decoration. The man of the fifteenth century would not understand me. But modern people will. The supporter of ornament believes that the urge for simplicity is equivalent to self-denial. No, dear professor from the College of Applied Arts, I am not denying myself! To me, it tastes better this way.”


Manifesto (2016)
I believe that ornament is one of a tool for architects to use in their design, in which currently many people have a various misconception about developing ornamentation, they perceive it merely as decoration.For us to reform a new grammar of ornament, we should not reuse exiting ornament directly, but to remix its original contents Indeed, ornaments should include classical and modern ornament.With the research into the context, the opportunity to connote more spiritual and cultural value to the users. With technology in prefabrication, such as 3d-print and robotic production, it gives us more opportunity to reform a new definition of ornaments.

3d print ornamentation_architecture


EXTENSION (studio’s brief)
/ noun / : a part that is added to something to enlarge or prolong it. A room or rooms added to an existing building.

Site: Currently, this highlighted area at the back of the building is under the renovation.

Concept: The site is located in the very dense area, packing with residential and commercial buildings. Green space became a secondary layer. With this extension of the garden, it would merge the city back to nature and creates a very space for the visitors.

The notion of extension usually occurs when a building could not keep up with the pace of the current usage. The project explores the idea of expansion with the hypothesis that eventually there would be an urge for another renovation. Thus, the structure has been designed with flexibility at its core. It could be adjusted and redefined with different types of joints that allow multiple configurations of space.